"Radiance comes from
within, manifesting as
shining skin, hair and
eyes. Radiance Retreats
are a complete renewal
of body, mind and spirit"

radiance - n. 1.
the quality or state of
being radiant
radiant - adj. 1.
characterized by health,
intense joy,
adj. 2.
sending out rays of light;
bright; shining
retreat - vb. 8.
a place to which one may
retire for refuge, quiet, etc...


Wednesday 28th December 2022 – Tuesday 3rd January 2023
6 night all-inclusive retreat
Twin Share Room with own bathroom - AUD $2,795 (per person)
Large Single Room with shared bathroom (between 2) - AUD $3150
Small Single Room with own bathroom - AUD $2,835
Single Room with own bathroom - AUD $3150

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Large Twin Share Room with own bathroom
Large Single Room with a shared bathroom (between 2 rooms)

Large Single Room with own bathroom

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