"Radiance comes from
within, manifesting as
shining skin, hair and
eyes. Radiance Retreats
are a complete renewal
of body, mind and spirit"

radiance - n. 1.
the quality or state of
being radiant
radiant - adj. 1.
characterized by health,
intense joy,
adj. 2.
sending out rays of light;
bright; shining
retreat - vb. 8.
a place to which one may
retire for refuge, quiet, etc...


Byron Bay or Online:

Jessie loves to share yoga and the inner journey and offers Private Yoga Classes in and around Byron Bay. Classes are suitable for levels, ages and individual needs, including absolute beginners. Jessie is qualified yoga teacher and remedial practitioner and has been teaching and sharing yoga since 1996. Classes can combine a variety of styles according to your needs including Gentle or Dynamic Vinyasa Yoga (moving through postures with breath awareness); Deep Rest & Restorative Yoga; Hatha Yoga; Partner Yoga; Remedial Yoga; Yoga Nidra (Guided Relaxation), etc. Classes can focus on specific outcomes such as mastering your inversions (Headstand, Handstand, etc); opening tight hips or shoulders; developing a personal practice, etc.

Private Class Cost:
$160 for 1-2 people
$260 for 3 – 6 people
$360 for 7 – 10 people
For larger groups please contact Jessie. Classes are for 1.5 hours in Byron Bay at your accommodation or outdoors or online. Add $25 if outside the Byron Area.
For bookings phone Jessie on 0403 135 342 or email info@radianceretreats.com or contact us via our enquiry form.

For more information call Jessie on 0403135342, email info@radianceretreats.com or contact us via our enquiry form..