"Radiance comes from
within, manifesting as
shining skin, hair and
eyes. Radiance Retreats
are a complete renewal
of body, mind and spirit"

radiance - n. 1.
the quality or state of
being radiant
radiant - adj. 1.
characterized by health,
intense joy,
adj. 2.
sending out rays of light;
bright; shining
retreat - vb. 8.
a place to which one may
retire for refuge, quiet, etc...


Jessie’s yoga knowledge was incredible, her guidance reassuring. The treatments were enlightening and healing. Bali a wonderful place. Thank you to the teachers and students for a fulfilling week.”
Lynne, 48, Pharmacist / Gymnastic Coach – Bali Retreat

line"I came to this retreat with some high hopes and expectations and can honestly say the retreat surpassed my expectations. I can't recommend this retreat highly enough. Whether you just need to relax from a stressed life, you are a beginner, or you are someone who wants to delve deeper into your yoga, you will be catered for. Thank you to Jessie and the facilitators for creating such a special space"
Mark, 41, Teacher - Byron Bay Retreat

lineII came home a changed woman after the retreat, I really found myself again after years of continuous stress of starting my own practice, and then having a baby while running my practice. There hasn’t been true me time for me. It is amazing what  even a few days of yoga, meditation and relaxation can do for your body and soul. I came home with a new found inner peace and focus, totally revitalized and inspired. Highly recommended, my goal is now to make it at least an annual event I must do."
Judith, 43, Architect - Byron Bay Retreat


"Through beautifully paced teaching Jessie leads by example and empowers the group to take responsibility for themselves. Excellent support is provided by the rest of the team. A safe environment for learning is there from the first moment to the last."
Karen, 58, Educator - Byron Bay Retreat


“As a doctor, I am always telling my patients that ‘self nurturing is not self-indulgence”.  I hardly ever practice what I preach, so decided to do so over New Year, 2010/11.  I arrived completely stressed out and frazzled, wondering whether I had made a huge mistake, but left 6 days later completely rejuvenated.  The was a lot of emphasis put on ‘restorative’ yoga, which was perfect for stressed out city workers, and I started sleeping well for the first time in months.  It was when I ‘re-entered’ into city life that I became aware of just how much I had benefited from the experience.  Friends thought I looked relaxed and ‘radiant’ and I have found my threshold for becoming stressed has dropped quite a few notches.  I will be recommending this retreat to anyone who will listen!”
Laura, 54, Doctor - Byron Bay NYE Retreat


"I cannot think of a better way to start off the year. I feel I have a clearer mind, a lightness to my step and am inspired to live in a more balanced and centred way. Thank you to the whole radiance team for making this time so special."
Kaela, 25, Lawyer - NYE Retreat Byron Bay

"I arrived at the retreat tired, jaded and burnt out and I left rejuvenated, radiant, with a renewed energy that could only be attributed to the teaching and practise of yoga and healthy eating.. (No stimulants such as caffeine, alcohol required).. Has to be experienced to be believed. My thanks to Jessie and facilitators for a wonderful experience."
Christina, 55, Speech Pathologist - Byron Bay Retreat

" As a total beginner, I could have easily been left behind. Instead, I found myself nurtured and supported every step of the way. Jessie is a fantastic teacher and the extra assistance from the facilitators made such a difference to my experience. I would highly recommend this retreat to anyone who is new to yoga. I now feel like I have a great foundation for my future yoga practice'"
Toni, 45, HR Manager - Easter Retreat Byron Bay

"Whilst the retreat was restorative and luxurious, I don't think its full benefits will be known unitl the coming weeks and months, as I feel inspired and enabled to make permanent, postive changes to my diet and lifestyle, that I never would have considered possible before the retreat. Thanks to Jessie and the other facilitators, my experience of the retreat was transformational."
Christine, 33, Social Worker - Byron Bay Retreat

" Before the retreat ,although I practiced yoga I was stressed, insomniac and running on empty. I felt as though i was living to work and just getting by everyday. I had started to attend a yoga class but was always "too busy" to practice daily -always planning to "one day learn to relax". It's hard to believe that after the Byron retreat i am almost a completely different person. Still me and still the same job but the calm I learnt on the retreat is still with me. The yoga was great, even for a beginner, and I am still practicing daily. The setting, the food and the yoga surpassed all my expectations and i can't speak highly enough of Jessie and her team of beautiful women whose expertise and serenity made every yoga session a joy. A bonus - I have learned to sleep again. I can't wait to return next year and the year after that."
Leonie, 53, years Nurse/Case Manager - Byron Bay Retreat

"Radiance Retreat was an exceptional experience on all levels. Such care and nuturing support from all staff. Wonderful food with soul--Thank you."
Dianne Fisher, Client Services Manager/Financial Planning - Byron Bay Summer Yoga Cleanse & Pamper Retreat

"I found this a life-changing experience. The best yoga teachers I have ever met, who corrected mistakes / misunderstandings of decades. A truly supportive environment was created for us."
Sharon, Museum Educator - Byron Bay Retreat

h"The amount of individual attention in the yoga sessions differentiates this from other yoga classes and retreats."
Karen, 52, Manager IT - Byron Bay Retreat

"A week after  returning home from my retreat with Jessie, I still feel like I have an inner calm and a renewed energy. I hadn't expected the overwheming supportive environment and positive energy both from the other attendees and the staff on the retreat particularly within the yoga classes. I feel like my body was pushed to its limits in the classes and I have taken a piece of that home with me. I am walking with my shoulders back and feel centred and grounded as I move through life. Again unexpectedly, the retreat gave me a gentle wake up call to my less than ideal diet. Since the retreat I have not added sugar to my food (previously a sugar addict), have given up coffee and have started revisiting my stash of Vegetarian cookbooks. My 3 year old is less than impressed with beetroot dip but has certainly embraced Quinoa pasta. I am looking forward to continuing my own personal health revolution and continuing to enjoy the effects this is having on my clarity and strength of mind. Thanks Jessie, Lee and Kate and all the other contributors to the retreat. I hope it is not too long before I am on retreat again with you."
Louise, 34, Training Manager - Easter Retreat Byron Bay

"The retreat exceeded my expectations - the facilitators and the adjustments were fantastic. I was impressed by the holistic approach to the retreat addressing mind, body, soul and delicious food."
Bec, 27, Osteopath - Byron Bay Retreat

II loved every single minute of the retreat and it is impossible to put things in order of importance.  I returned home feeling so happy and open within my body like I never have felt before, it was a truly wonderful uplifting experience which I will be attending again."
Donna, 48, Orchardist - Byron Bay Yoga Cleanse & Pamper Retreat

"A must for people who love yoga (but don't have to be particularly expert) - especially as we age, to remind us we are still young."
Christine, 55, Teacher - Byron Bay Retreat

"Fantastic refreshing restorative retreat. Perfect way to close the year and start afresh."
Tim, 24, Architect - NYE Yoga Cleanse & Pamper Retreat

"Jessie Asked us to set an intention for this retreat and over the 7 days I acheived all I'd hoped to with the support of her fantastic facilitators. A life changing experience!"
Julie, 37, Naturopath/Writer - NYE Yoga Cleanse & Pamper Retreat


"A divine experience with inspiring yoga teachers, healthy food, beautiful surrounds and lovely people sharing the journey"
Sandra, 45, Marketing manager/Yoga teacher - Byron Bay Summer Yoga Retreat

“The retreat was a life changing experience. I would recommend it to anyone. Jessie and the staff are great.”
Theresa, 33, Finance Manager – NYE Retreat

"A fabulous break and chance to stretch, get clean, refocus and have some time away from a crazy world. Many thanks, exceeded my expectations."
Katrina, 31, Investment Manager - Byron Bay Retreat

"The retreat has exceeded my expectations with a fantastic array of classes and activities that have all helped me to search within myself to find inner peace."
Kay, 23, Sports Development Officer - Byron Bay Retreat

"If I were to describe my perfect retreat from my hectic life, this would be it! Thank you Jessie for nurturing me back to being balanced."
Michelle, Fitness Instructor, Mother - Byron Bay Retreat

"I came away from the retreat having deepended my yoga practice but also feeling balanced and refreshed due to the supportive environment that Jessie & co created."
Suzy, 32, Project Manager - NYE Retreat Byron Bay

My week in Thailand at the Radiance Retreat was one of those experiences that will always remain with me, for many reasons. It was one of those rare 'reminders' to encourage me to take care of my mind and my body and respect my abilities, or lack of…”
Kitty, 43, Project Manager – Thailand Yoga Wellness Retreat

”This retreats was everything I had imagined and more. I came looking for some inner peace and balance, and walked away feeling confident."
Michelle, 32, Accountant - Byron Bay Retreat

"The Radiance Retreat was a great way for me to reconnect with myself with lots of energising yoga, wholesome cleansing food and time for me to reflect and still my busy life."
Donna, 46, Cartered Accountant - Byron Bay Retreat

“Let yourself experience an indulgent week. Forget time and worry and let yourself go. These yoga sessions will only bring you closer to a magic experience.”
Sharon, 46, Executive Assistant – Bali Retreat

“Our aim was to have time away together somewhere where we could relax yet be active. This yoga week in Bali has surpassed all our expectations with its people, beauty and intensity. We have renewed, relaxed and reenergized.”
Roger, 48, Dentist – Bali Retreat

"Nowhere to go and nothing to do - Jessie shows you how to just BE. Her serenity is infectious!"
Adrienne, 38, Wife, Mother, Business Owner - Byron Bay Retreat

"A beautiful location with inspiring and heartfelt tuition from Jessie and her helpers. An experience to be treasured and aspire to be repeated."
Cathryn, 53, Remedial Massage Therapist and Yoga Instructor - Byron Bay Retreat

"Jessie & facilitators are beautiful caring women who take you on both physical and spiritual journey. Absolutely essential for us all."
Marie, 40, Clinical Psychologist - Byron Bay Retreat

“Jessie Chapman’s Yoga Retreat in Byron Bay was amazing. It’s not often that you can just hang out and do yoga for five days and eat fantastic food in unreal surroundings. I went up with my partner and we would go again without any hesitation. We met some fantastic people up there including several great facilitators who give guidance on yoga postures and enhance the experience with workshops aimed at improving your skills at leading a healthier lifestyle. If you are thinking that you want to have a break with a difference, then this is for you.”
John, 31, Chiropractor – Byron Bay Retreat

As a first time retreater I had no idea what to expect. I was overwhelmed with how comfortable and happy I was automatically upon arrival."
Martha, 31, Musician - Byron Bay Retreat

"A wonderful way to step away from normal living and reconnect within. We all need it!"
Lucilla, 39, Manager and Yoga Teacher - Byron Bay Retreat

"Jessie & facilitators helped me to correct my postures and push myself without being pushy."
Miranda, 31, Radiographer - Byron Bay Retreat

"A beautiful retreat which makes you stop and reflect on you, to nurture and hold you in this busy world."
Jolene, 33, Manager - Byron Bay Retreat

”The Radiance Retreat session for me was a fantastic way for me to experience new things that I’ve been curious about, but perhaps not open-minded enough to try before. The daily sessions and the location were great for unwinding, refreshing and re strengthening, both physically and mentally.”
John, 27, Marketing – Byron Bay Retreat

"They took on an old dried up cactus and turned me into a tall radiant sunflower."
Sue Ellen, Remote Area Nurse - Byron Bay Retreat

"I'd forgotten how to feel so fantastic! I'll definitely be back!"
Michelle, Mum - Byron Bay Retreat

“I can honestly say that I arrived an emotional wreck due to total stress overload. After three days I felt completely restored, relaxed, rejuvenated and renewed. Thanks Jessie for a terrific experience.”
Peter, 51, advisor – NYE Retreat

"Wonderful yoga, beautiful instructors, blissful location and a wonderful time"
Megan, 37, Strategy Director - Byron Bay Retreat

"It has surpassed all of my expectations. I feel totally refreshed and renewed. Thank you Jessie & facilitators"
Susie, 36, Aerobic Instructor and Mother of 3 - Byron Bay Retreat

"What a fabulous experience! My mind, body and soul have been healed, nourished and energised. I'm ready to re-enter the 'world' with a new view on life."
Nicole, 30, Accountant - Byron Bay Retreat

“What a wonderful way to celebrate the end of a very long cold winter by nurturing yourself, taking the time to breathe, to be still, to nourish not only your body but your soul too and with like-minded fellow travellers.  Jessie has a very relaxed nature that comes across in her classes making all levels of yoga students feel comfortable about their practice.”
Jennifer, 46, Self-employed – Thailand Retreat

"Peace, calm and serenity. These are the gifts I received at Radiance Retreats. My annual 'tune-up'!"
Adrienne, 40, Business Coordinator/Mum - Byron Bay Retreat

"With Jessie you take a journey, learning the practice of yoga in a supported environment, cleansing your body with ease, and remembering that with balance in your life you become the person you are."
Alix, 44, Public Servant - Byron Bay Retreat

"The encouragement, assistance and guidance from Jessie and her team made for an empowering experience."
Fiona, 34, Fisheries Scientist - Byron Bay Retreat

"Thank you Jessie and team. My purposes in attending this retreat have been met - and more! I leave feeling healthy, flexible, refreshed and relaxed."
Kate, 61, Leadership Coach and Writer - Byron Bay Retreat

“Prior to coming on Radiance Retreat I felt sluggish and was experiencing tension headaches and disturbed sleep. After 5 days here I feel relaxed and calm. Thank you.”
Sylvia, 27, Solicitor – Byron Bay Retreat

“The retreat enabled me to rediscover my true self and inspire me to become even more of who I really am- a healthy, happy, warm-hearted  woman in her prime who loves to sit quietly, move freely, breathe deeply, eat healthily, laugh joyously and live adventurously. This bliss filled retreat reawakened all my senses and refreshed my spirit. It is so well named:  at work today I was told how radiant I look ( and that's only what they can see on the outside!)”
Libby, 52, Lawyer – Thailand Retreat

"Jessie's retreat provided me with an opportunity to explore and discover yoga, but also provided me with the opportunity to explore my inner self. Thank you."
Lydia, 43, Teacher/Lecturer - Byron Bay Retreat

"It was a gift to reflect, energise and practise yoga in a nurturing environment with wonderfully supportive instructors."
Anne, 55, Consultant - Byron Bay Retreat

"A retreat to be experienced by all! Feel your body melt into the retreat as the yoga releases all tensions."
Fiona, 24, Administration - Byron Bay Retreat

"Radiance retreat is an empowering journey through the Self. A reconnection to our primal selves."
Trudi, 36, Stress Management/Youth and Family Counsellor - Byron Bay Retreat

"The retreat was a wonderful experience in every way. It deepened my knowledge of yoga and was deeply relaxing, cleansing and joyful. The food was great and accommodation excellent."
Andrea, 56, Communications Manager - Byron Bay Retreat

"The Radiance Retreat was the beginning of a journey towards better health. A perfect start."
Pam, 37, Sales - Byron Bay Retreat - Byron Bay Retreat

"A wonderful retreat, high-class construction, so glad I treated myself."
Bree, 30 - Byron Bay Retreat

"An amazing five days and certainly made me more relaxed and ready for a busy work life."
Suzanne, 39, Commercial Manager - Byron Bay Retreat

"An amazing, peaceful experience in a world that spins too fast!"
Kim, 42, Mum, Student and Business Analyst - Byron Bay Retreat

"Rejuvenating and empowering self awareness experience."
Vesna, 49, Own Business Administrator - Byron Bay Retreat

"It's a great way to stop, reflect, energise and go back into the world with renewed vigour."
Judith, 46, Consultant - Byron Bay Retreat

"I would highly recommend this retreat as a special time to relax and restore the body, mind and spirit - absolutely wonderful."
Monica, 30, Marketing Manager - Byron Bay Retreat

"This retreat has been a real turning point for me. It's initiated a real lifestyle change and I can't thank you enough."
Sacha, 18, Artisan - Byron Bay Retreat

"I would recommend the yoga retreat to anyone looking to re-energise and clear their mind. It was perfect in every way. Jessie and her helpers were wonderful. The location and food superb. All was brilliant."
Sonia, 39, Research Officer - Byron Bay retreat

"Really appreciated the loving caring joyful approach and support, especially being a "senior" member of our group. A really life changing experience 'Time for Me'!"
Kathy, 61, FoB Industry - various, but first and foremost a very fortunate 'Mum' - Byron Bay Retreat

"I wanted to begin yoga because I live on a yacht and don't have much opportunity for exercise, but at 52, I was worried I'd left 'flexibility' a bit late in life. Jessie's yoga retreat catered for absolute beginners and her class assistants were caring and thoughtful with obvious love for yoga and introducing it to anyone who is interested. I couldn't have done this any other way."
Gina, 52, Accountant - Byron Bay Retreat

“A Revelation! Enjoyed everything about the retreat from beginning to end. Jessie makes one feel very comfortable with her approach and style. The opportunity to cleanse and reinvigorate was a fantastic time for me.”
Peter, 49, Chartered Accountant – Byron Bay Retreat

"A special space and time to revive, energise and rejuvenate! Thanks for a great retreat."
Cathy, 39, Administrator - Byron Bay Retreat

”Attending Jesse's retreat inspired me to make changes in my life that paved way for a healthier and happier me. I felt rejuvenated, energised and stronger both physically and mentally.”
Suzana, 29, Clinical psychologist – Byron Bay Retreat

“Through this retreat I have finally been able to slow down and appreciate the meaningful things in my life. It has been a wonderful journey.”
Julie, 50, Designer / Wholesaler – NYE Retreat

“I have done more yoga this week than in my lifetime, eaten more amazing food than ever - feel ready to tackle anything!”
Jo, 32, Project Manager – NYE Retreat

“This retreat deepened my yoga practice in ways I never expected. It was a quantum leap.”
Gina, 53, retired – NYE Retreat

“I wasn't sure that I qualified as a 'real yoga person', and was a bit worried if this retreat would work for me - in fact, it was fantastic, it was never intrusive, but the quiet skill and passion of Jessie and her helpers gave me confidence and drew me into the true heart of yoga - being more myself, more centred and relaxed through the physical work of the yoga practice - postures, breathing, the lot!  The pace was supportive and never overwhelming. I think the program gave room for everyone at all our different spaces and places to work to our own potential/limits  and stretch what we'd thought possible.  I did my first handstand in many years - it had me grinning like a kid of 7!”
Willow, 42, Business strategy consultant – Byron Bay Retreat

“Radiance Retreat has been an amazing experience of cleansing the body and re-setting my internal world to a serene and accepting space. I never expected to meet so many wonderful like minded people. Many thanks Jessie and friends.”
Kristy, 32, Speech Pathologist – NYE Retreat

”If you are seeking a re-charge that encompasses a blend of great yoga, access to massage & treatments, spending time with like minded people in a beautiful and serene environment, then this is a retreat you must consider attending.”
Jan, Business Manager – Byron Bay Retreat

“A very enjoyable week. Relaxing and rejuvenating. The instructors were great. The program was great.  Everything was great. Highly recommended.”
Steve, 32, Teacher – NYE Retreat

“I felt a deeper sense of opening and internal peace and a harmony within that  I have not felt in a long while.”
Sue, 35, Naturopath – NYE Retreat

“Wow! If you want to feel stronger, walk taller, think more clearly, reflect, laugh and be motivated inside and out, than a Radiance Retreat is for you. It’s an amazing experience.”
Renee, 31, Communications Manager – NYE Retreat

“A wonderful life-changing immersion in the way yogic way of life.”
Peter, 47, Computer Programmer

“Special time spent sharing with strangers who became friends….helped to find greater inner peace. NYE was great with a beautiful walk and swim at Wategoes - great way to start the new year.”
Vince, 30 something, MD / credit analyst – NYE Retreat

“A beautiful experience with beautiful people and beautiful food. I am sad to go. Namasate.”
Kerensa, 34, Paramedical Aesthetician

“Radiance Retreats are the perfect way to balance.  Never have I felt healthier or more centred.”
Fiorella, 24, Creative Manager – NYE Retreat

“The retreat has given me the time and space to develop inner peace that Ii know will flow into my life to those I love.”
Louise, 35, Mother /  Student Midwife – NYE Retreat

“The Radiance Retreat at Byron Bay was an amazing experience, nurturing, challenging. I highly recommend it for yoga lovers of every level.”
Nicole, 33, Sponsorship & Marketing Coordinator -  NYE Retreat

“This was my third Radiance Retreat.  What a joyful experience. Never ceases to amaze me how I feel at the end of each retreat. Well nourished, peaceful mind, strong body and just balanced.”
Nikolina, 34, consultant – NYE Retreat

“A truly rewarding way to make the transition from one year to the next in a nurturing space
amongst a wonderful group of people seeking similar.”
CM, 30, Health Professional – NYE Retreat

“From the retreat I discovered a physical and spiritual possibility within. Thank you for your total support. Namaste.”
Melinda, 33, Art Consultant – NYE Retreat

“Wonderful way to bring in the new year!”
Catherine, 27, Teacher – NYE Retreat

“The complete Retreat – I feel as calm as I’ve ever felt. A terrifically relaxing week.”
Cameron, 40, Yoga Teacher / Art  Curator – NYE Retreat

“Jessie, you along with your facilitators, created a beautiful nurturing while challenging space for us all to treat ourselves and feel re-energised.  Thank you for your peace, calm and serene disposition.  I will be back for a third - maybe Bali!”
Kayleen, 41, Business Consultant – Byron Bay retreat

”The retreat was fantastic – I feel healthier, stronger and more relaxed!  A great way to get away from the stresses of everyday life, and learn how to develop a yoga practice that suits your individual lifestyle.”
Kim, 49, Manager – Byron Bay Retreat

”I loved the personal tuition received, it was like doing yoga in a mirror.”
Amanda, 45, Mother, Student of Massage & Spiritual Healing – Byron Bay Retreat

”I recommend this retreat to anyone seeking nurturing, well-being and empowerment as I found so gratefully on my journey through yoga.”
Susan, Clinical Psychologist / Hypnotherapist – Byron Bay Retreat

”I would recommend this Radiance Retreat to anyone needing to refocus on themselves, their goals in life and achieving balance, wellbeing and flow. The detox is great for clearing the mind and the yoga fantastic for centering and grounding.”
Debra, 49, Life Coach – Byron Bay Retreat

”I came, I saw, I cleansed. A brilliant experience.”
Tony, 61, Insurance Manager – Byron Bay Retreat

”This was a nurturing and luxurious retreat with great yoga and a beautiful environment.”
Rupa, 45, Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine – Byron Bay Retreat

”Jessie’s course enabled me to be.”
Deborah, 50, Massage/Bowen Therapist – Byron Bay Retreat

“Thank you so much for a wonderful, nurturing experience.  I plan to do a retreat every year.”
Ellen – Byron Bay Retreat

”The retreat exceeded my expectations in every way. The facilitators made the entire experience warm, comfortable – yet challenging. I feel relaxed, energised and cleansed. Thank you so much!”
Megan, 29, Communications – Byron Bay Retreat

”Jessie’s yoga retreat is the perfect way to re-energise and get in touch with yourself. I would recommend it to anyone who either enjoys yoga or is thinking of trying yoga.”
Barbara, 62 – Byron Bay Retreat

”The retreat was a wonderful way to concentrate on my yoga practice and be pampered with great food and wonderful surrounds for a few days of bliss.”
Caitlan, 45, Nurse/Midwife – Byron Bay Retreat

”This retreat is not only about yoga – it is also sharing information and coming away a little bit wiser and definitely inspired to enjoy life.”
Bronnie, 52, Motel Owner – Byron Bay Retreat

”A sense of calm settles within very quickly, you feel stronger and challenged. The nurturing supportive environment that Jessie and her facilitators create is inspiring.”
Rowena, 41, Interior Designer

”I came here to feel grounded and a got a lot more. I feel alive again, have thousands of ideas to make my food more wholesome and nutritious and best of all no more skipping meals! Thanks to Jessie and the facilitators and all the lovely people who came along. What a lovely nurturing environment we had!:
Julie-Anne, Chartered Accountant – Byron Bay Retreat

”Thank you Jessie and facilitators. I came here feeling fragmented and broken. I leave feeling whole, nurtured, inspired and full of joyous peace. This has been a life changing experience for me.”
Anjali, 32, Mother of a 13 month old – Byron Bay Retreat

“I feel so fulfilled, centred and focused. I appreciated everything I did while I was here. All my senses were spoiled.”
Christie, 29, Mother to a 2 year and 1 year old – Byron Bay Retreat

”Jessie’s retreat is a wonderful journey into yourself. It is like taking shelter under something and emerging when the sun shines and the skies clear – a fresher, livelier and more invigorated whole person.”
Charmain, 36, Mum mostly - – Byron Bay Retreat

”It made me realise I need to look after myself more so that I am able to be true to myself.”
Anna, 40, Interior Designer – Byron Bay Retreat

”Wonderful, nurturing and relaxing. I recommend this retreat to anyone.”
Vanessa, 31, Office Worker – Byron Bay Retreat

"I came to this retreat to nurture my mind body and soul ....I did that....and I also reacquainted myself with me.  I would not hesitate to recommend this experience to anyone.  Thanks for your radiance! Namaste.”
Rayne, 33, Osteopath - Byron Bay Retreat

“Was very grounding and rejuvenating. Food was amazing but the yoga with Jessie was awesome and having the adjusters around was just so helpful, gave me a huge confidence boost to be able to take what I have learnt away with me. Thank you.”
Sarah, 36, Sales Marketing – Byron Bay Retreat

“I really love the way Jessie makes the yoga accessible to everyone, no matter what level they are at. Beautiful food, beautiful surroundings. An absolute pleasure for the body and mind.”
Marcia, 26, Domestic Goddess – Byron Bay Retreat

“As always Radiance Retreats allow me the time and space and sessions to relax away the stresses of life plus provide me with tips and approaches to improve my daily life.”
Jackie, 33, Physiologist – Byron Bay Retreat

“The Feeling of strength and relaxation at the end of the retreats is amazing”
Tricia, 52, Director – Byron Bay Retreat

“The perfect time to focus on yourself and indulge in a little pampering too. The yoga classes and program stretch you a little further every day.”
Liza, 30, Product Manager – Byron Bay Retreat

“The retreat was a fantastic way to make my mind behave, with fun, laughs, great food and pampering.”
Belinda, 44, Architect – Byron Bay Retreat

“The peace I found here, I can’t wait to take home and share with my family and friends.”
Glenis, 40, Small Business Owner -Byron Bay Retreat

“Wonderful blend of yoga, luxury, treatments and food in a location that touches your soul.”
Jan, Business Manager - Byron Bay Retreat

“The retreat allows you to do as much or as little as you want, in beautiful, tranquil surrounds. Highly recommended to anyone who needs a bit of time to themselves.”
Lori, 30, project Manager - Byron Bay Retreat

“Jessie & facilitators gently pushed us further and further to fully realise our maximum effort. Beautiful people, beautiful location, beautiful food. Wonderful supportive environment. Loved it.”
Judy, 58, Healer/Teacher

“Wonderful to allow myself the time and space to focus on my inner thoughts and spirit while doing yoga and meditation.”
Lynne, 36, Curator – Byron Bay Retreat

“The retreat is a wonderful inspirational journey of self through yoga and nurturing for the self. It allows you to see yourself and life from a renewed perspective. Thank you.”
Makita, Director Power Energetics Life Academy - Byron Bay Retreat

“The retreat was great and just what I needed to get back in touch. Jessie you are such an inspiration!”
Catherine, 43, Executive Consultant

“I have been practicing yoga for around 10 years but this was the first time I’ve done a yoga retreat. It is a fabulous way to consolidate your practice.”
Tamar, 28, Publicist - Byron Bay Retreat

“The retreat was worth while. I enjoyed every moment of it. I now feel so awake and clear minded. It was fantastic. The people were great.”
Antoinette, 38, Account Manager - Byron Bay Retreat

“I came knowing very little about yoga. I gained insight of myself and my position within my world. I thoroughly enjoyed learning and practicing yoga with Jessie & facilitators. Thank you all.”
Jacqui, 37, CNE – Byron Bay Retreat

“I found the retreat gave me the time and space to develop good yoga practice, time to reflect and nurture my spirit and to look toward the future – all aided by delicious food and an exotic location. Bliss”
Margaret, 54, Retail Consultant – Byron Bay Retreat

“Radiance Retreats is the perfect escape from our busy lifestyles and offer you the chance to restore your energy and refocus on your life journey!”
Rebecca, 36, Home Maker – Byron Bay Retreat

“A lovely gentle retreat for anyone who wants a break and the opportunity to deepen their yoga practice.”
Katy, 41, Lawyer - Byron Bay Retreat

“Most relaxing, cleansing of the body, a beautiful gorgeous place.”
Chelsea, 18, Student

“I walk away understanding the importance of balance in my life and the need to actively pursue it.”
Libby, 44, General Manager – Men’s Health Research and Education

“Thank you for the opportunity to share and meet people that would have received something wonderful from this experience.”
Sharon Currie, 45, Executive Assistant

“I wasn’t sure what to expect but I loved the outcome…”
Silvia, 44, Service Delivery Manager - Byron Bay Retreat

“Live to be free and at peace with yourself.”
Judy, 43, Registered Nurse

“If you are one of those people who have dabbled with yoga but not found the right inspiration to make it part of your life – come to a Radiance Retreat. It will put your whole life into perspective.”
Teegan, 34, Lawyer – Byron Bay Retreat

“Something that is definitely going to be a part of my yearly recharge and regroup. Jessie & Co have set a bench mark that will be hard for others to beat.”
Amy, 23, Contracts Administrator – Byron Bay Retreat

“I would recommend the Radiance Retreats for anyone, not just for the yoga but also for the intense relaxation.”
Louise, 40, Manager – Byron Bay Retreat

“As a yoga teacher it was great to be nurtured, be a student and have the chance to deepen my asana, pranayama and meditation practice.”
Sally, 46, Yoga Teacher – Byron Bay Retreat

“A real eye opener to the way to live. Take it all in and put it into practice so you have it for life.”
Mel, 26, Mum & yoga Teacher in training – Byron Bay Retreat

“The retreat allowed me to completely focus on myself and nurture who I am. It was exactly what I needed after a very challenging 2005.”
Kate, 33, Human Resource Management – Byron Bay Retreat

“I enjoyed every minute; and I am sure I will be enjoying the fruits of these 5 days for a long time to come (at least until the next retreat).”
Erin, 35, Lawyer – Byron Bay Retreat

“My Radiance Retreat has been a special time to explore my individual yoga practice and connect more deeply to my inner essence. All the teachers and staff help to make it a wonderful , restful, restorative experience. Thank you!”
Sharon, 33, Editor – Byron Bay Retreat

“I felt incredibly relaxed and looked after. Thank you Radiance Retreats.”
Julianna, 27, Lawyer – Byron Bay Retreat

“Excellent experience.”
Linda, Natural Therapist – Byron Bay Retreat

“I am leaving Radiance Retreats with a more open heart, inspired to keep learning and with plans for a new daily routine that commenced on this wonderful retreat.”
Fiona, 39, Sales – Byron Bay Retreat

“Absolute bliss! I now feel very serene. Thank you Jessie & Co.”
Jann, 56, Bookkeeper – Byron Bay Retreat

“Complete freedom of body, mind & spirit.”
Carol, 41, Massage Therapist – Byron Bay Retreat

“I came to find some inner peace and to say goodbye to 2 very special people. Thank you Jessie and others for helping me do that in your gentle way.”
Janelle, 56, Accountant – Byron Bay Retreat

“A wonderful opportunity to reconnect to the self, pause the hectic lifestyle and appreciate the gorgeous Byron Bay hinterlands”
Mary, 34, Yoga Teacher – Byron Bay Retreat

“Great five days to reenergize the mind and body.”
Jennifer, 37, Interior Designer – Byron Bay Retreat

“Inspiring, getting in touch with yourself absolutely with so much more awareness about myself and fellows.”
Dawn, 51, Farmer – Byron Bay Retreat

“The time spent with Jessie & facilitators was both challenging and nurturing. I felt energised and came away with a sense of renewal. Thank you to all the people involved in our retreat.”
Robyn, 40, Yoga Teacher – Byron Bay Retreat

“A harmonious space to rejuvenate your inner and outer self. I not only re-energised myself but also renewed my connection with fellow souls (others) through having space and time.”
Michele, 46, Mother / Business Owner – Byron Bay Retreat

“A perfect balance of body, mind & spirit. Great teachers, assistants, structure, food, accommodation and company. My mind is clearer, my body is stronger and I’m more in tune with me”
Lisa, 44, PA – Byron Bay Retreat

“The perfect way to slow down, ground myself. I always come away with a renewed sense of self and joy.”
Jackie, 33, Physiologist – Byron Bay Retreat

“The retreat has given me greater insights into my yoga practice and also enabled me to deepen my commitment to yoga. I’ve nurtured myself and learnt how to become more focussed not only on yoga but also on life.”
Kylie, 36, Pilates Instructor – Byron Bay Retreat

"Radiance Retreats provide a supportive environment to learn more about the beauty of yoga and the power of meditation in a wonderful location - pure bliss!"
Justine, 34, Communications Manager - Byron Bay Retreat

"This retreat is wonderful for rejuvenating the body, soul and mind. Thank you"
Penny, 46, Environmental Protection Officer - Byron Bay Retreat

"The relaxed and friendly retreat that Jessie provides along with her great understanding of yoga, the body and all levels of being provided me with a wonderful and satisfactory experience."
Julia, 60, Meditation Teacher - Byron Bay Retreat

"It is a great retreat and I would recommend it to everybody!"
Christine, 56, Personal Coach/Teacher - Byron Bay Retreat

"I had a fantastic time, it allowed me to relax and be with my thoughts and escape from the world. The group I was with had a great energy and made the time enjoyable and fun."
Corina, 28, Software Developer - Byron Bay Retreat

"A special opportunity to experience healing, hope, joy and love. Oh! and my oldish body moves in a different way now. I quite like this wonderful feeling and this new me!
Judy, 60, Retired Student Counsellor - Byron Bay Retreat

"If you need a place to reconnect and balance your health and wellbeing back to centre - then the retreats are a great place to venture"
Pip, 29 - Byron Bay Retreat

"I found the retreat a real rejuvenating experience. I felt I could safely extend my yoga practice in a very nurturing group."
Val, 50, Teacher - Byron Bay Retreat

“Thank you for a wonderful retreat. My yoga, core strength, breathing and focus have definitely improved AND I feel radiant! Mission accomplished. Well done! I will be back.”
Yvette McPherson, 44, Chiropractor – Bali Retreat

"It was really great to be in a nurturing group, slow down and get back to my body. Excellent retreat with a lovely environment. Thank you."
Joanna, 26, Accountant - Byron Bay Retreat

"Radiance Retreat was a gorgeous place to connect with myself and the changes occurring in my life in a nurturing, supporting and encouraging environment."
Tiina, 31, Impending Mother! - Byron Bay Retreat

"Come along to indulge with friends, yoga relaxation, lovely food and wonderful surrounds. Thank you."
Karen, 41, Career Counsellor - Byron Bay Retreat

“The retreat was absolutely wonderful. I have learnt so much about myself, relaxation, breathing, nutrition and yoga. Jessie and facilitators were wonderful and caring. I will always remember this retreat and will definably be back”.
Elaine, 48, Legal Assistant - Byron Bay Retreat

“Radiance Retreats is a must do for anyone that needs to be removed from their day to day life and be returned feeling nurtured and peaceful. You feel great physically, mentally and emotionally”.
Niki, 32, Consultant - Byron Bay Retreat

“I came away from the retreat feeling energized and pleased with my improvement. It was a really peaceful 6 days. Thank you for a wonderful experience.”
Karen, 37, Corporate Banking – Bali Retreat

“Quality challenging practice – beautifully led. Excellent stretches. Great adjustments by the team. Fantastic relaxation sequences”.
Karen, 45, Doctor – NYE Retreat

“Being on the Radiance Retreat was like stepping out of the noise and stress and basking in peace for a few days. It was like letting go of the outer world and entering an inner relationship with the self but with the fellow yogis and the exotic surrounds.”
Chloe, 57, medical psychotherapist – Byron Bay Retreat

“It has been a privilege to experience this gift of teaching, learning and healing. I leave with a strong commitment to follow my yoga practice and my own goals, and an open heart to all that comes my way.”
Donata, 36, Restaurateur, Café & Gallery owner – Bali Retreat

“An amazing experience. Superb food, great company, lovely location. Jessie and team created a calming, soothing, serene environment. The yoga was wonderful. I feel so much more calm and centred. A fantastic start to 2005! I look forward to doing it again”.
Jayne, 30, OHS Specialist, NYE Retreat

“What a perfect balance of nature, yoga, love and pampering. Go with little expectations and leave with an enlightened feeling of wellbeing. Thank you Jessie for sharing your special gift with us.”
Desie, 31, Advertising – Byron Bay Retreat

“The standout thing for me on this retreat was slowing down my pace. I was so wound up on arrival that the yoga, food (and company), beautiful setting and unbelievable pampering treatments completely bought me peace. I can’t thank you enough. I feel completely rejuvenated.”
Martine, 29, Editor – Bali Retreat

“Thanks so much for your retreat - it was a really nice way to get myself back into exercise again. The accommodation was terrific, excellent food and just a lovely place to be. The extra special bits were the spa treatments in such luxurious resorts, and the massage and Reiki sessions I had with Anthea were excellent. I really enjoyed the variety of your classes. They are strenuous and never boring, and I got a lot from the breathing and meditation exercises. It was just what I needed.”
Elisabeth, 32, Writer – Bali Retreat

“Thank you for an amazing experience. It was better than I ever expected. The relaxed pace, the food, the pampering, the company & your accessible yoga teaching style made for the retreat from the world. I’ll be back!”
Paul, Director Karma Yoga, Corporate Yoga Service – Byron Bay Retreat

“I arrived stressed from being pulled in too many directions. The yoga grounded me back to me, and the moment. I left feeling full of love and wellness…ready.”
Jo, 40, Hotel Developer – Byron Bay Retreat

“Excellent quality and care of teaching yoga with great variety and stimulating program”
Catherine, Film Policy, 51 – Byron Bay Retreat

”A rich internal soul journey. Reminded me who I am.”
Rosanna, 37 – Byron Bay Retreat

“It’s nurturing and supportive. An intense deepening of yoga practice”
Tracey, 33, Creative Director: Inside Out Magazine – NYE Retreat

“Thank you Jessie. I am leaving deeply settled in my body and my heart. Exactly what I came for”.
Leonie, 33, Realtor – Byron Bay Retreat

“I’m leaving this retreat with complete clarity and commitment to improve my health and fitness. All the yoga instructors have this incredible calm surrounding them, which I’ll attempt to emulate in my daily life”.
Jo, 28, Nat. Sales Manager – NYE Retreat

“I have enjoyed the yoga and I feel strong and ready for the year ahead with regular practice. I know my family appreciated it as well”.
Rachael, 35, Mum & Registered Nurse – Byron Bay Retreat

“I found the retreat to be a great way to rejuvenate and recharge in a relaxed, caring environment”
Kate, 36, Designer – NYE Retreat

“I came to the retreat seeking something, but not knowing what. But I had an intuition that this was a step on my journey. From my time here, I believe I have found the path I shall take to walk down a different street”.
Fay, 48 – NYE Retreat

“My second Radiance Retreat and I will be back for more.”
Tricia, 51 – Byron Bay Retreat

“I need to think less and feel more. Although I have been doing yoga for years I think I’m just starting to get it now”.
Catherine, 28, Domestic Violence Support Worker – NYE Retreat

“This retreat both gave me the time out, and the workout, that I needed to start 2005 on a high!”.
Catrin, 38, Remedial Therapist/Teacher – NYE Retreat

“The retreat was fun, painful, peaceful and restorative. The people were great, the food was yum (even though we were on a detox!) and it was such a positive way to start the new year. There’s always a new experience to be had on Jessie’s retreats, they’re wonderful”.
Elisabeth, 33, Writer – NYE Retreat

“I’m a converted skeptic. I’ve been looking for a solution with injuries that are starting to slow me down and yoga is it”.
David, 36, Advertising – NYE Retreat

“The Radiance Retreat was a truly beautiful experience. Jessie and her assistants did a fantastic job in ensuring everyone was comfortable and that we gained something from it. The locations immediately brings out a feeling of calm and peace.”
Ashley, 17, student – Byron Bay Retreat

“After participating in this retreat I’m absolutely sure that yoga will be an integral part of my life for the rest of my life. I seem to have so much more power after 4days – and having spent a lot of time listening inside helped me to find out what is important to me.”
Claudia, 22, Student – NYE Retreat

“This is my second retreat with Jessie and each year I am more inspired and manage to take home one or more tips to increase the peace I have in my day to day life.”
Jackie, 32, Physiologist – Byron Bay Retreat

“I usually do my yoga practice at night. But on this retreat getting up early for yoga has made me realise how much it centres and prepares me for the day.”
Belinda, 25, Graphic Designer – Byron Bay Retreat

“A journey to discover your inner potential”.
Anthea, 30, Occupational Therapist – Byron Bay Retreat

“Had a fantastic time”
Sarah, Nurse, 25 – Byron Bay Retreat

“The retreat excelled my expectations. The experience was much more than yoga practice – it was about being with like minded people who value health, balance and happiness. And who, in very unique and individual ways, seek to achieve these. I feel enlightened and inspired about my own life journey.”
Tina, 42, Corporate Attorney

“The week was fantastic and I got everything I wanted from it and more. A great experience to do on your own.”
Catherine, 42, Recruitment Consultant – Bali Retreat

“I came to the retreat not knowing what to expect, but looking for inspiration. Well, I definitely found that inspiration! The teachers were wonderful and created a harmonious, non-judgmental, serene environment. I feel recharged and invigorated and look forward to developing my own yoga practice. I would definitely recommend the retreat and would love to return.”
Georgia, 35, Finance Manager – Bali Retreat

“My yoga practice gives me flexibility, strength and inner joy – this retreat improved on these gifts plus I enjoyed meeting a great group of people all on fantastic journey’s in a great setting of Ubud.”
Jo, 41, Property Developer – Bali Retreat

“The retreat has not only opened my body and mind but opened my inner being to all the possibilities surrounding me for now and the future.”
Kylie, 34, Pilates Instructor – Byron Bay Retreat

“I truly did leave feeling and looking ‘radiant’, more flexible and more peaceful. Worth every cent.”
Marie, 39, General Manager/Director of Nursing – Byron Bay Retreat

“Radiance Retreat was a great getaway to de-stress and detox from everyday life, and an excellent way to start the new year feeling healthy and relaxed”
Amanda, 34, Personal Assistant - Sydney Retreat

“From the moment you arrive to well after you leave you feel tranquil, centred and invigorated.”
Peter, 45, Director Sales & Marketing – Sydney Retreat

“This retreat was a fulfilling and extremely enjoyable experience, and the timing cannot be underestimated. I feel stronger, optimistic and re-charged, and look forward to another mid-year retreat to do it all again.”
Christina, 49, Film Technician – Sydney Retreat

“Absolutely a wonderful gift to yourself for body, mind, health. Keeps me motivated to continue my yoga practice and keep attending classes because I felt amazing during the retreat.”
Helen, 30, Café Operator – Sydney Retreat

“Great retreat – with great instructors. It was a pleasure to be taught by Jessie and Judy. Thanks for the experience and will definitely come to another one.”
Darlene, 36, Entertainer/Events Manager – Sydney Retreat

“The retreat has opened my eyes to a better way of living and helped me see a clear path towards my goals”
Joanne, 19, Public Servant – NYE Retreat

“An amazing way to end one year and start a new one”
Kayleen, 39, Management Accountant – NYE Retreat

“Radiance Retreats allows you to do something for yourself”
Angela, 25, Accountant – Sydney Retreat

“Thank you for a fantastic five days, you were always so encouraging and supportive. I really felt like I could try anything…”
Liz – Byron Bay Retreat

“I’ve been practicing yoga once a day. Jessie has inspired me to practice twice a day”
Belinda, 24, Graphic Designer – Byron Bay Retreat

“I want everyone to hook up with Jessie and Judy for a wonderful time in Bali”
Carl, 49, Researcher, Cairns, QLD, Australia – Bali Retreat

“The retreat provided me with these essential lessons: serenity, relaxation, insight into myself and the opportunity to meet some very interesting and lovely people. Jessie and Judy were magnificent—as sisters, teachers and friends. You leave knowing that they had embraced you with their own positive energy. Starting and ending everyday with yoga or meditation and being wholly pampered in between with a spa treatment is something everyone should reward themselves with at least once in their lives. A lot of work and experience were evidently allotted in the planning of the retreat—from the perfect accommodation to the carefully chosen spa treatments. I only wished it never had to end.”
Anna Marie, 29, "retired" Registered Nurse – Bali Retreat

'After coming from a very stressful work environment for a few months in East Timor, the combination of yoga and spa treatments relaxed in me
in the most wonderful way. These two wonderful sisters made the retreat easy and relaxed'.
Lyndal, 35, Media Development Coordinator East Timor – Bali Retreat

“Very enjoyable and relaxing experience”.
Sarah, 18, Student, Hawaii – Bali Retreat

“The perfect sporty but luxurious holiday. We couldn't decide if we were spoiled rotten or overworked! Jessie is very impressive; she tailors the yoga to any level from beginner to extreme. And we got more spa treatments that we could ever imagine. We needed the top food and our huge suites to recuperate”.
Elizabeth, London – Bali Retreat

“An indulgent full-body workout. it's a perfect way to bring your yoga to its next level with perfect remedies for any aches and pains incurred along the way--not for the light-hearted! a great way to spend a few days away from the office with old girlfriends from around the world or a even a romantic holiday away”.
Doris, Singapore – Bali Retreat

“Being in the tropics, eating wholesome food, exercising daily and being pampered was definitely the right ingredients to revamp the feeling of relaxation and happiness. To wake and commence yoga at 6am was calming, the massages and body treatments allowed more time for my mind and body to release built up tension. By the end of the Radiance Retreat there was a great sense of achievement as my yoga had progressed and I had had a wonderful time by myself and in the company of wonderful people”.
Karen, Travel Agent – Bali Retreat

"A wonderful experience that I would recommend to everyone."
Quinn, 35, Remedial Therapy

"This retreat - my second yoga retreat with Jessie - was all that I wanted it to be - and more!! A heartfelt thanks to you Jessie, Lee and Anthea"
Patricia, 54, Owner Operator of Couples Retreat - Byron Bay Retreat

"This was a beautiful retreat with wonderful yoga from gorgeous teachers. A total nurturing indulgence. Thankyou!"
Ruth, 46 - Byron Bay Retreat

"My first Radiance Retreat and enjoyed the experience. Found the range of daily yoga postures inspiring, challenging and beneficial."
Gabrielle, 40, IT Management - Byron Bay Retreat

"A wonderful time to refuel my emotional, physical energy."
Jen, 43, Mother - Byron Bay Retreat

"Blissful and fulfilling inside and out, giving me the space and strength to reflect and revive."
Sarah, 31, Editor - Byron Bay Retreat

"Could feel the layers of stress and toxins peeling away!"
Julie, Registered Nurse - Byron Bay Retreat


"I came to this retreat looking to be healed and refreshed. Jessie and her staff helped me do just that!"
Jessica, Personal Trainer - Byron Bay Retreat

"Thank you for rewinding and brighten up my days!"
Rita - Byron Bay Retreat

"It was a great experience, learned a lot and advanced my yoga. Thanks Jessie."
Linda, Student - Byron Bay Retreat

"Jessie is a fantastic yoga teacher."
Christine, Administrator - Byron Bay Retreat

"One of the nicest, kindest things that I have ever done for myself."
Karen, Company Director - Byron Bay Retreat

"Jessie and the ladies were gentle, supportive and encouraging - a wonderful combination.
Laurie, Business Owner - Byron Bay Retreat

"A great way to escape everyday life, enjoy the countryside and rejuvenate the mind and body. A beautiful experience."
Victoria, 41, Buyer - Byron Bay Retreat

"My second Gaia retreat - perfect in every way and an experience I intend to repeat annually."
Janice - Byron Bay Retreat

"Wonderful experience. Relaxing, rejuvenating and inspiring."
Di, 44, Massage Therapist - Byron Bay Retreat

"I feel great after these few days, rested and healthy and awake."
Rebecca, 32, Events Coordinator - Byron Bay Retreat

"The whole experience left me feeling nourished and empowered to be more self aware."
Jo, 35, Forensic Accountant - Byron Bay Retreat
"A flow back into healthy living."
Glenis, 41, Office Admin/Business Owner/Mother/Cleaner - Byron Bay Retreat

"Fantastic retreat to relax, unwind and get in touch with what's important in life"
Anna, 25, Accountant - Byron Bay Retreat

"I came with an open mind and spirit, and left with a full heart"
Andrew, 41, IT Consultant - Byron Bay Retreat

"Jessie's retreat held all the ingredients for a completely restorative, soulful break: wonderful, supportive yoga classes, vibrant conscious people, amazing environment and delicious healthy food. A total joy!
Amanda, 51, Consultant / Coach - Byron Bay Retreat

"Jessie and the girls are wonderful. It gave me inpiration not only for my future yoga practice but for all areas of my life! Truly blissful."
Lucy, 26, Colour Stylist and Healer - Byron Bay Retreat

"A calming invigorating experience - hard to describe - you need to experience it yourself. Be transported. A real treat."
Elizabeth, 54, Teacher / Librarian - Byron Bay Retreat

"Inspired me to commit to a regular yoga practice, maintain more healthy habits and come on more retreats. Life changing experience."
Stephanie, 51, Pharmacist / Manager - Byron Bay Retreat

"Thankyou Jessie and all the team for a wonderfully complete yoga experience."
Jane, 40 - Byron Bay Retreat

"This was a wonderful opportunity to refocus and revitalise, and I felt all my goals had been achieved."
Simone, 28, Doctor - Byron Bay Retreat

"A thouroughly relaxing and effective experience. The yoga each day was rejuvenating and enlightening. Thankyou Jessie, Lee and Anthea!"
Nadia, 39, Mum and Business Owner - Byron Bay Retreat

"After only 4 days I feel completely refreshed and renewed. Thankyou!"
Alice, 27, Public Servant - Byron Bay Retreat

"Thankyou Jessie, Anthea and Lee. The bliss is deep and nurturing. I look forward to moving further along my yoga journey. Namaste"
KIm, 41, Calmbirth Practitioner / Doula - Byron Bay Retreat

"Food for the mind, body and soul."
Ceri, 39, Consultant - Byron Bay Retreat

"I found this yoga retreat a wholistic approach, down to earth with Jessie and facilitators very warm and approachable. Very restorative."
Julie, 52, Designer / Trader - Byron Bay Retreat

"After this retreat I feel cleansed, reviatalized and have less arthiritic pain."
Susie, 55, Mental Health Nurse - Byron Bay Retreat

I cannot thank the team of Radiance Retreat enough for the whole experience of the retreat. Yoga has changed my life. I feel so in tune with my body and mind more than ever. You introduced me to a diverse selection of food that was delicious. I have continued eating organic food and have not gone back to old habbits. I have had comments from people saying how well I look which is an extra bonus because I feel terrific. I practise yoga every morning using Jessie's dvd core strength and my back which was injured is nearly back to 100%. Thank you all for your warmth and wisdom.
Nadine, 36 years old, teacher.

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