Byron Bay Yoga Restore Wellness Retreat – April/May 2025

Saturday 26th April – Thursday 1st May 2025
5 Night All Inclusive Byron Bay Retreat
with Jessie Chapman & facilitators
Byron Bay, NSW, Australia

Experience the transformational power of yoga, restoration, and stillness against the backdrop of Byron Bay’s natural beauty on a Radiance Yoga Restore Wellness Retreat with Jessie Chapman and facilitators. Each day on retreat is an inspired journey towards a relaxed and energised self with morning and afternoon yoga practice, restoration, meditation, guided beach and nature walks, all-organic meals and juices, yoga nidra, core strength, massage and a range of other wellness classes for deep rest, restoration and renewal.

Byron Bay Yoga Retreats
Byron Bay Yoga Retreats
Yoga and wellness retreats in Byron Bay
Byron Bay Yoga Retreats

Everyone is welcome and well cared for by Jessie and the experienced Radiance wellness retreats in Byron Bay team. The yoga retreat classes are designed for all, from the complete beginner to those with a regular practice, with lots of nourishing one-on-one yoga adjustments given by Jessie and the Radiance facilitators. By the retreats end you’ll be looking and feeling relaxed, connected and radiant with clear eyes, glowing skin and an abundance of energy.  

5 Night Yoga Retreat in Byron Bay I Rooms

$TBA – Large Twin Room with ensuite (per person)
$TBA – Small Single Room with ensuite
$TBA – Large Single Room with a shared bathroom (for 2 guests)
$TBA – Large Single Room with ensuite 

Many people join our Byron Bay yoga retreats on their own and can either book a single room or share with another participant. Some of the Large Twin Rooms are apartment style with 2 bedrooms so each guest has their own bedroom and share the lounge and bathroom.

What's Included I Yoga Retreat in Byron Bay

5 nights accommodation
All organic, delicious vegetarian meals & fresh juices
1 Radiance Massage or Reiki Healing
Morning yoga with Jessie & facilitators 
Afternoon restoration yoga with Jessie & facilitators
Daily guided beach & nature walks 
Cape Byron lighthouse walk, yoga & swim
Pre-lunch restoration, core strength & meditation 
Pre sleep yoga nidra & meditation
An evening sound healing & chanting
Yogadance & other classes for inspiration & renewal
All day beverages, filtered water, fresh fruits & supportive nutrients
Annual membership to Jessie’s Online Yoga Video Classes

Not included: airfares and airport transfers. Airport shuttle contacts are emailed upon booking for your smooth transfer to the retreat. The Radiance wellness therapists are available throughout the retreat offering a range massage, healing and holistic spa therapies.

Byron Bay Yoga Retreat Accommodation

We stay at Sangsurya, a lovely ocean views retreat located 3 km from Byron Bay town centre with ozone swimming pool, large wooden floor yoga hall and beautifully furnished rooms and cabins with aircon, fans and ensuite bathrooms. Sangsurya is a Sanskrit inspired word meaning “a place where the sun reaches everybody”. Built along the forested ridge of a 10 acre property with easterly views overlooking Arakwal land to the Pacific Ocean, this environmentally friendly retreat offers a tranquil sanctuary in the heart of nature. The retreat is located within walking distance to the nearby beach and tea tree lake.

Our Retreat Days

wake up in stunning surrounds
6.30 am: Morning yoga practice 
9 am: Fresh morning juice & buffet breakfast
10 am: Guided beach walk I spa treatments I rest I swim
1 pm: Restoration I core class I meditation
1.30 pm: Organic passion lunch
2. 30 pm: Rest, join a walk I spa treatments 
4.30 pm: Afternoon deep rest and restoration yoga 
7 pm: Nutritious evening soup
8 pm: Yoga nidra I mediation I sound healing I other
deep restorative sleep

Byron Bay wellness retreats
Byron Bay Wellness Retreats
Yoga retreats in Byron Bay
Byron bay yoga restore wellness retreat
Byron Bay Wellnes Retreats
Byron Bay Wellness Retreats
Byron Bay Wellness Retreats
Yoga and wellness retreats in Byron Bay

Byron Bay Wellness Retreat Hosts

Your Byron Bay wellness retreat hosts are Jessie Chapman and the experienced Radiance facilitators. Jessie has been teaching yoga for 27 years and offering Radiance Yoga Wellness Retreats in Byron Bay, Asia, New Zealand and Europe for the past 22 years. Author of 4 Yoga Books (HarperCollins) including the bestseller Yoga Postures for your Body, Mind & Soul and creator of the Radiance Yoga DVD Series, Jessie loves sharing the transformational yoga practice and powerful retreat journeys; creating space for people to deepen in yoga and to be inspired in beautiful natural surrounds. During the retreat Jessie is joined by the experienced Radiance yoga retreat Byron Bay adjusters and highly attuned facilitators offering an abundance of care, nourishment and healing art classes for inspiration and renewal. . 

Yoga, Restoration & Stillness

The retreat days are based upon the foundation of morning and afternoon yoga classes along with a range of other healing art classes to deeply relax and naturally energise.

Jessie’s morning Radiance yoga classes are an inspired blend of joint limbering, guided relaxed full breathing and slow gentle flow yoga sequences that cultivate flexibility, strength, core stability and stillness. Classes incorporate variations of the yoga postures to develop one’s practice with correct alignment and to support different energy levels and physical conditions. Yoga props are often used and lots of one-on-one yoga adjustments are given by Jessie and the experienced Radiance facilitators. 

Jessie’s afternoon yoga classes explore restorative yoga postures to deeply rest the bodies systems, restore energy levels and help overcome exhaustion and fatigue. Jessie loves to share the powerful healing benefits of restoration yoga that cultivates relaxed full breathing, quietness of mind and a connection with all that is.

Other yoga retreat Byron Bay practices and classes include daily guided beach and nature walks, pre-lunch restoration yoga, core strength, guided sitting in stillness, slow silent mindfulness walking, evening yoga nidra, sound healing and chanting. 

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Byron Bay Wellness retreats
Byron Bay Yoga Retreats
Yoga And Wellness Retreats In Byron Bay
Byron Bay Wellness Retreats

Organic Passion Meals

Our meals are lovingly prepared using fresh all-organic ingredients that are abundant, delicious, energising and always a highlight of the retreat. Free of meat, dairy, wheat, cane sugar, highly processed and oily foods, your body will be lightly cleansing and renewing throughout the retreat however this is not a fast and you will not go hungry. Each morning after yoga we enjoy a fresh juice and a delicious buffet breakfast. Lunch is another delicious and abundant buffet and dinner is a hearty and delicious soup – allowing the digestive system to rest from chewing as we move towards our sleep. All day fruits, beverages, ginger, lemon, filtered water, apple cider vinegar and spirulina powder are available for extra nourishment, cleansing and hydration. 

Wellness retreats in Byron Bay
Wellness retreats in Byron Bay
Wellness retreats in Byron Bay
Wellness retreats in Byron Bay
Byron Bay Yoga Retreats
Byron Bay wellness retreats
Yoga and wellness retreats in Byron Bay
Wellness retreats in Byron Bay

Radiance Wellness Treatments

Holistic Spa, Massage & Healing Treatments in-house:
Reiki Healing – 60min $110
Radiance Relaxation Massage – 60min $110
Deep Tissue Massage – 60min $110
Hawaiian Massage – 60min $110
Indian Head Oil Massage – 60min $120
Aromatherapy & Ayurvedic Facials – 60min $120
Foot Scrub, Massage & Reflexology – 60min $120
Full Body Salt Scrub & Moisture – 60min $120
Our treatments use all-organic products

Arrival, Departure & Extra Night

If travelling by plane, Airport Shuttle Buses can be booked from Ballina Domestic Airport (25 min) and Coolangatta/Gold Coast International Airport (45 min) for easy transfer to our retreat. Full ‘getting here’ details are emailed upon registration.

Arrival Day: Guests are free to arrive from 9am onwards. A welcome buffet lunch is available between 12.30pm and 3.30pm and our first yoga class and group welcome are at 5pm. Due to flights, etc, people arrive at all different times however aim to arrive at your soonest to settle in, relax, have a massage, swim, etc. If arriving later in the day lunch can be put aside for you.

Departure Day: On our last morning yoga finishes at 9 am followed by our farewell breakfast and then the retreat comes to a close. Formal retreat check-out is by midday however feel free to leave your bags at the retreat until 4 pm if you have a later scheduled pick-up.

Extra Night Accommodation: can be booked for the night before the retreat with arrival available between 3.30pm and 6.30pm.

Full retreat details are emailed upon registration or contact us with any questions.

 TESTIMONIALS I Byron Bay Yoga Wellness Retreats

“Jessie and the Radiance facilitators are an amazing group of people who have the knowledge, care and love to support anyone on their retreat journey. My expectations were totally blown away and I have now found greater inner peace and a calmness which I know will continue, as I now have the increased knowledge and passion necessary to carry this into my daily existence. I am eternally grateful to Jessie and her facilitators for helping me to get back onto my true path and feel so much lighter and happier.”
Narelle – Byron Bay Yoga Retreats

“Jessie and team truly create a special environment of support, love, and laughter, which is just perfect for us to take our yoga and wellness to a new level. The people on the retreat are inspiring and friendly. The food is incredible, and the week floated along in bliss for me! I now feel relaxed, motivated and ready to take on the new year with energy and balance. Thank you so much.”
Kayley – Byron Bay NYE Yoga Retreats

“Thank you Jessie and team. My purposes in attending this retreat have been met – and more! I leave feeling healthy, flexible, refreshed and relaxed.”
Kate – Byron Bay Yoga Retreats

“This is one of the best value for money self investments you can make. The yoga, the food, the facilitators. Jessie creates a beautiful space to just love being. Go ahead and book. It really is that good. I have done a Radiance Retreat 3 years in a row now.”
David – Byron Bay Yoga Retreats

“You have given me back years of my life. I feel energized and can cope with the challenges of my job and commitments more easily. I am waking each morning refreshed and I can’t wait to get into what the day has for me. Thankyou.”
Leonie – Byron Bay Yoga Retreats

“Sunshine, good food, a beautiful location, and hours of yoga every day – it sounded to good to be true before I went and the reality was even better. I have returned home with a lightness of spirit. Radiance is certainly what it’s been about for me, and each day since I have returned home I have given thanks that I was able to spend such a week exploring my mind, body and sprit in such beautiful surroundings, with the truly exceptional group of people.An experience definitely to be repeated.”
Nicky – Byron Bay Yoga Retreats

“A special opportunity to experience healing, hope, joy and love. Oh! and my oldish body moves in a different way now. I quite like this wonderful feeling and this new me!
Judy – Byron Bay Retreat

“I came to this retreat with some high hopes and expectations and can honestly say the retreat surpassed my expectations. I can’t recommend this retreat highly enough. Whether you just need to relax from a stressed life, you are a beginner, or you are someone who wants to delve deeper into your yoga, you will be catered for. Thank you to Jessie and the facilitators for creating such a special space”
Mark – Byron Bay Yoga Retreats

“Jessie’s retreat was invigorating, relaxing and intensely refreshing. It enabled me to switch off from everyday stressors of life to focus on my own health and wellbeing. The yoga sessions, food and friendships formed on the retreat have provided some wonderful memories and the practical strategies learnt on the retreat will benefit me for a long time to come. Thank you to Jessie and the facilitators for creating such an amazing experience.”
Ellen – Byron Bay Yoga Retreat

“A beautiful location with inspiring and heartfelt tuition. An experience to be treasured and aspire to be repeated.”
Cathryn – Byron Bay Retreat

“The retreat was absolutely magic. I met some amazing people who were all very inspiring and wonderful company. I loved the yoga and was extremely grateful for all the extra help provided by the yoga assistants in each session. The meditation was relaxing, and the food was extremely tasty. I am so happy I went on this retreat. It was the perfect start to the year.”
Katie – Byron Bay Yoga Retreat

“Thank you to the team of beautiful souls who came together to make this retreat happen. A truly worthwhile experience; refreshing, inspiring, joyful, opening…..I came away with a clearer mind, healthier body and happier heart.”
Kim – Byron Bay Yoga Retreat

” As a total beginner, I could have easily been left behind. Instead, I found myself nurtured and supported every step of the way. Jessie is a fantastic teacher and the extra assistance from the facilitators made such a difference to my experience. I would highly recommend this retreat to anyone who is new to yoga. I now feel like I have a great foundation for my future yoga practice'”
Toni – Byron Bay Yoga Retreat

“Nowhere to go and nothing to do – Jessie shows you how to just BE. Her serenity is infectious!”
Adrienne – Byron Bay Retreat

“The Radiance Yoga Retreat was an amazing opportunity for me to meet inspiring and like-minded people, practice yoga in new ways that opened up my body, heart and mind, and feel energised by the natural surroundings, the divine food and the uplifting energy of the teachers on retreat. I noticed I had more energy, enthusiasm and as a result of the retreat, I am fitter and more flexible, and inspired to put what I learned on retreat into practice. ‘
Shannon – Byron Bay Yoga Retreat

“With Jessie you take a journey, learning the practice of yoga in a supported environment, cleansing your body with ease, and remembering that with balance in your life you become the person you are.”
Alix – Byron Bay Yoga Retreat

“I cannot thank the team of Radiance Retreats enough for the whole experience of the retreat. Yoga has changed my life. I feel so in tune with my body and mind more than ever. You introduced me to a diverse selection of food that was delicious. I have continued eating organic food and have not gone back to old habits. I have had comments from people saying how well I look which is an extra bonus because I feel terrific. I practise yoga every morning using Jessie’s DVD core strength and my back which was injured is nearly back to 100%. Thank you all for your warmth and wisdom.”
Nadine – Byron Bay Yoga Retreat

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