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Yoga Sequences for your Body Mind and Soul

Yoga Sequences for your Body Mind & Soul

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Wellbeing Australia & Wellbeing YOGA Magazine

Yoga Sequence for Spring CleansingBy Jessie Chapman
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Yoga Sequence for ‘getting grounded: getting off the chair and regaining flexibility
By Jessie Chapman
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Australia Yoga Life Magazine

Stretch & Open Vinyasa Yoga SequenceBy Jessie Chapman”
A yoga sequence that focuses on stretching the hamstring, adductor and groin muscles.
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Australian Yoga Life Magazine

Balance & Focus Vinyasa Yoga SequenceBy Jessie Chapman”
A sequence to develop balance & stability.
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Spa Asia Magazine

Fluid Vinyasa YogaBy Jessie Chapman
Strengthen your upper body and work on core conditioning with this fluid Vinyasa yoga practice.
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“Six Of The Best Yoga Retreats”
Renowned Byron yogi and author Jesse Chapman runs yoga cleansing retreats in Australia’s heartland of yoga. The retreats are held in the Byron Bay hinterland and combine organic vegetarian meals, twice daily yoga, mediation and guided beach walks. Chapman’s style is all about deep, slow vinyasa making it ideal for the yogi novice. The retreats are more Byron Bay rustic than luxury but are the real deal for those wanting an authentic, nurturing environment. 
Traveller – Sydney Morning Herald

‘The Seven Best Byron Bay Yoga Retreats 2023’
Radiance Yoga Retreats Byron: Since 2002, Jessie Chapman and her facilitators have led Radiance Retreats in Byron Bay, Bali, New Zealand, Spain, France, and Italy. The retreats offer a soulful blend of inspirational morning and afternoon yoga, deep rest and restoration, yoga nidra, core strength, beautiful guided walks, meditation and mindfulness practise, massage & holistic spa therapies, awe-inspiring hiking, cultural tours, and a range of other healing art classes for inspiration and renewal. The retreats are built around inspiring morning Radiance Yoga and afternoon Restoration Yoga with Jessie Chapman and the experienced Radiance facilitators. Everyone, from the absolute beginner to the more experienced practitioner, is carefully taken care of. Individual attention and adjustments are provided, yoga props are frequently used, and numerous types of postures are taught so that students can practise with ease and awareness. The morning Radiance Yoga practice begins with an inward journey of stillness and breath awareness, followed by body loosening and gentle warm up sequences moving from posture to posture with breath awareness and then holding in postures longer – sitting, standing, twisting, balancing, backwards bending, inverting, and so on – to correct postural alignment, build stability, flexibility, strength, and awareness. The afternoon Restoration Yoga Classes encourage profound rest and relaxation by allowing us to linger longer in yoga’s various therapeutic postures to restore our natural energy levels, health, and vitality.
Byron Bay Escapes

‘Retreats to book in September’
Radiance Retreats Byron Bay
Join Jessie Chapman for 5 night retreat of sublime restorative yoga, coastal hikes and vegetarian meals in a beautiful retreat resort in Byron Bay. Each day is a blessing as you journey through twice-daily yoga, guided walks, massage, core strength classes, mindful meditation, sound bath healing and sleep-enhancing yoga nidra – all complimented with delicious organic cuisine, herbal teas and juices.  Add on amazing massages, energy healing and bodywork by experienced practitioners and you’ll depart feeing rested, rejuvenated and replenished! Jessie has been hosting Radiance Retreats around the world for over twenty years –  feel reassured you will be nurtured and nourished from arrival to departure.
OM BYRON – Online Guide

“Tres Chic Relaxation”
“For the creme de la creme of healthy escapes, check out Radiance Retreats. For Luxury Pyrenees Yoga Hike Restore Retreat escape, guests stay at the 18th century Chateau between Biarritz and Bordeaux. The seven-day package includes two daily yoga sessions, hikes through the breathtaking mountains, gourmet vegetarian meals….”
InStyle Magazine – click here to view 

“Mecca By The Beach” 
“…With names like Dena Kingsberg, Jessie Chapman, John Ogilvie, Louisa Sear, Liz Costigan and Lance Schuler calling Byron Bay home, it’s not surprising that a yoga class can be found within a side stretch of just about anywhere in Byron. Ashtanga, Sivananda, Satyananda, Akido, Iyengar, Japanese and Kundalini styles are all taught here. In fact, with a smorgasbord of daily yoga classes, year-round retreats and teacher training across a range of styles and traditions..”…
Australian Yoga Journal Magazineclick here to read full article.

“Byron Bay Yoga, Spa & Lifestyle” 
With a heavy focus on yoga, Radiance Retreats guides its guests towards health and wellbeing through chakra awareness, meditation, chanting, nutritional talks and guided nature walks. Gourmet meals, cleansing juices and spa and massage treatments also add some pampering to the mix. Run by Byron yogi Jessie Chapman, the retreat prides itself on giving individual attention and has a host of experienced instructors on-hand at all times. Popular for those wanting to increase energy levels, cleanse or simply get away by taking healthy time out, it will leave you feeling truly radiant.
Asia Spa Magazine

“Where Happiness and Spirituality Meet”
At first glance it is clear that Jessie Chapman is the perfect person to lead a yoga retreat. She radiates a calm, friendly peace and beauty that immediately soothes and charms. Very apt, then, that she chose to call her company Radiance Retreats. From her beachside base of Byron Bay in Australia, Jessie has long embraced yoga as a path to happiness and fulfillment, and through her retreats held around the world, helps others do the same.”
Asia Spa Magazine. Click here to read full article.

“Superb Spa Regions: Byron Bay, NSW”
‘With its sweeping white-sand bay and lush hinterland, the Byron Bay region is retreat haven, a mecca for yoga devotees, new-age therapies and organic retreats. There’s the usual foray for day spas and massage therapists but for visitors seeking more substance, Jessie Chapman runs regular yoga retreats.’
Woman’s Day Magazine – Travel Special

“Beauty – Spa Therapy”
‘Jessie, a well-known yoga teacher, run Radiance Retreats, which offers clients lush yoga and spa retreats in Australia and Asia….’
Sunday Telegraph Magazine

“Advance Retreat”
‘Will New Year’s Eve be one last hedonistic fling before your resolutions take effect, or would you rather get in early and treat the year way you want it to continue – with health and serenity? If it’s the latter, consider Radiance Retreat’s New Year’s Eve Yoga Cleanse Retreat – four days of gourmet vegetarian meals, meditation, yoga and walks in the Gold Coast hinterland.’
Australia InStyle Magazine

“Your Body – full of life”
‘Yoga may be known as a relaxation tool, but it can also deliver an energy boost. Jessie Chapman, a yoga teacher and author of four yoga books on the subject, said yoga had the power to energise and transform. “One of the reasons yoga is so popular is that its benefits, such as stress release and increased energy levels, are felt instantaneously” she said. “It is also simple to practice and caters to our individual needs.” Ms Chapman says yoga provides tools for living a healthy life.
“As each day is new and different so too are our moods and perspectives,” she said. “One day we may be feeling completely inspired and focused another day totally lethargic and overwhelmed. “As we practice yoga with regularity we quickly become familiar with the various effects of the different postures on our body, mind & emotions and we’re soon are able to develop a personal practice that suits our every day needs. “This is one of the greatest gifts of yoga – the ability to heal ourselves. “If feeling dull and uninspired, over weight or sluggish, yoga postures will stimulate the bodies systems, circulation and speed up the metabolism. “Increased energy levels will be felt along with a greater sense of inspiration and motivation for life. “However, if one comes to yoga feeling exhausted, overworked, stressed, underweight or suffering from sleeplessness, the yoga postures will effect the person in such a way as to relax the nervous system, slow down the heart rate and calm the mind.” Ms Chapman advises to prepare for a total transformation beyond just a healthy body. “The postures also strengthen our mental and emotional states giving us a stronger sense of who we are,” she said. “As the postures make us more flexible our attitudes to life and those around us become more open minded and less judgemental.” Ms Chapman runs regular Radiance Yoga Wellness Retreats in Byron Bay and Bali and has released a new Radiance Yoga DVD for at home practice. For more information go to
The Gold Coast Bulletin – Attitudes Life Out.

“Mind-Body Tips from 25 Top Spa’s” 
‘Take a ‘retreat’ regularly. Jessie Chapman explains, ‘Radiance Retreats is all about creating a space in alluring backdrops like Bali or Byron Bay where people can travel for relaxation and inner stillness.’ Using yoga, meditation, dance and holistic therapies, Radiance seeks to help clients to take an inward journey and find a deeper connection within.’
Nature & Health Magazine 

“City Guides – Ballina/Byron”
Take some time out from your busy schedule and treat your body and soul on a Radiance Luxury Byron Bay Yoga Detox & Pamper Retreat in Byron’s beautiful hinterland. The five days and four nights are all about being pampered and cleansing your body and mind by following a program that includes meditation, yoga and tai chi classes, plus a one-hour massage. Only raw food and juices are served (for the detox program’s), which is all about giving your body the chance to have a deep inner spring cleanse. And with the beautiful beaches and the breathtaking scenery of Byron Bay and the surrounding area at your doorstep, there’ no longer a better place to totally unwind and get right back to basics. 
Virgin Blue’s In-flight Magazine.

“A healthy start – this is the month to…”
Go on a yoga retreat or two! ‘…Jessie Chapman also runs yoga retreats in idyllic locations including Bali and Byron Bay. The radiance Retreats encompass various styles of yoga, meditation, relaxation, dance and other holistic therapies. Close the door on the outside world for a while and take an inwards journey. 
Nature and Health Magazine

“Recovery Retreat”
Blissed-out in Byron, stress free on the Sunshine Coast or getting happy in the Gold coast hinterland, why not ‘find yourself’ in paradise
Traditionally retreat were created for monks and priests to find solitude, contemplate life and meditate. Today, the concept of retreats has embraced a far wider range of holistic modalities but finding stillness and place to simple ‘be’ remain an integral part of the modern day retreat experience. Best-selling author and founder of Radiance Retreats, Jessie Chapman, believes most people can benefit from visiting a retreat. “Retreats offer you the chance to experience a healthy lifestyle and learn the skills for maintaining this lifestyle” she said. “Today people are aware of the importance of de-stressing and being healthy, and want to focus on that to give themselves time to come back to a balanced state and to after themselves.” “On retreats, as each day goes by, people let go of work and family commitments and the many roles they have to play in life such as wife, husband, boss, employee, mother, father or daughter. “They no longer have to do or be anything and they can relish in this empty space, dropping deeper and deeper into relaxation. They re-visit their passions in life, they remember what brings them happiness and re-focus their goals for living a life that suits their potential and dreams. They also realise what is no longer serving them in life and, through strengthening on retreat, they are more able to let go of these things whether it be bad eating habits, laziness or a disempowering job or relationship.” Convinced of the virtues of a timely escape? Picture yourself on a sun drenched beach or communing with nature during a rainforest rendezvous? The right retreat will have you feeling renewed, relaxed and back in touch, but it’s important to do your research before making that booking. “It helps to first write a letter to yourself and clarify what you really need out of a retreat,” Ms Chapman said. “Not all retreats are suited to every person and it’s the responsibility of both the client and the retreat organisers to be upfront and communicate well. “Don’t be afraid to gain as much information as possible before you book. Start by finding out the place of the retreat. Are there lots of optional activities and free time and relaxation, or is the schedule packed with compulsory activities?
“Some people need motivating and a nudge, others are already pushing themselves each day and need to learn to just stop and relax, so choose the program that suits your needs. “Check the retreat caters to your level of yoga and fitness and that there’s plenty of experienced and qualified facilitators. If you have an food allergies or intolerances, check that you will be well catered for and ask for a menu plan if you have any doubts. “The location is also important for your relaxation, so find out a bit about the actual environment you’ll be staying in.” Ms Chapman said that if you did your homework, you’d be rewarded with a self-awakening experience and a sense of serenity that’s a match for any monk.” 
The Gold Coast Bulletin – ‘Attitudes’ lift-out 

‘Health Retreats – Escape & Recharge’ 
Jessie Chapman discovered yoga as a teenager, as she watched her mother explore relaxation and guided meditation techniques to help overcome chronic fatigue. Jessie later went on to study yoga and is a fully qualified teacher who has had four books published and a newly released DVD for at home practice. She began Radiance Retreats in 2000, when the first Radiance Yoga Wellness Retreat was held in Bali, offering people a chance to experience yoga in an exotic locale and explore local therapies. A natural progression has seen the retreats add a range of holistic therapies, and healing arts, including such things as chakra awareness meditations – and even guided nature walks. This year will see retreats in a variety of luxury locations as well as the launch of a yoga detox and cleanse retreat. Jessie said a large percentage of her clients are people that work hard and “who want holiday that offers a lasting purpose”. She said: “Participants leave with an inspired personal yoga practice, techniques on ways to relax, unwind and restore energy levels, the experience of a wide range of holistic therapies to find out what works for them to maintain a healthy lifestyle and a deeper connection with that quiet inner space”. If you’ve ever thought that yoga was only for the fit and supple you’d be wrong, according to Jessie the discipline can be modified to suit physical aliments and injuries. Radiance Retreats offer a wide range of spa and healing treatments, from Reiki and deep tissue massage to sounding and breath work. This year will see the introduction of a snow yoga retreat in Victoria’s Mt Buller (obviously winter!) and several retreats on the NSW north coast as well as Bali.’ 
COAST Living Magazine

‘The Retreat Revolution’ 
‘…Jessie Chapman of Radiance Retreats says that she is constantly inspired by the retreat dynamic where people come together in a sacred space to relax, learn, heal and grow. Jessie says “People who come on the retreats are often seeking quality time for themselves away from work and family commitments, busy lifestyles and the world in general. They know that by looking after their health they’ll be in a stronger position to change and grow and are consciously choosing to connect and listen within, to restore energy levels, to be healthy, to increase self awareness, to discover what brings them happiness in life and to learn tools for attaining it”…’
Spa Asia Magazine 

‘Winter Treat’ 
‘Yoga Teacher Jessie Chapman is offering yoga retreats in Byron Bay and Bali that aim to cleanse and pamper mind and body. The Byron Bay getaways include twice daily yoga and meditation, a cleansing diet, daily one-hour massages and beauty treatments, and sessions in healing arts such as voice work and dance…’
The Daily Telegraph 

“Byron Bay’s Yoga Play”
‘…The lovely Jessie Chapman followed with her workshop “Yoga Nidra and the Art of Relaxation. Jessie oozes love and balance and is certainly an expert on relaxation. After growing up in the rainforest surrounding Byron Bay, Jessie explored many different styles of healing arts, eventually studying yoga at Yoga Arts in 1997. Since then she has taught yoga, is the author of four yoga books and the co-director of the international yoga wellness retreats, Radiance Retreats.
In this workshop, Jessie took us through the many basic postures, breathing techniques, meditations and relaxations you can do anytime, anywhere and which can calm you immediately. In everyday life we rarely allow the time to experience this deep relaxation, so important for keeping a clear mind as well as overcoming insomnia, stress, anxiety and chronic fatigue.’ 
Wellbeing Magazine YOGA Edition 

‘Out of this world: Relax, Revive, Retreat.’ 
‘…Head to yoga camp to awaken your mind and move your body…’ A full-page story on Radiance Yoga Retreats in Byron Bay with Jessie Chapman. 
New Idea Magazine 

‘Pilates & Yoga: Reach for the Stars – STEP-BY-STEP YOGA’
Instructor and Yoga for Inner Strength author Jessie Chapman gives the lowdown on the ins and outs of her poses’ Contains 5 postures and words by Jessie Chapman
WHO Magazine

“Yoga postures work to stretch and strengthen the pelvic floor muscles and open the hips, aiding in childbirth”, says yoga instructor Jessie Chapman, advising that newcomers consult an experienced prenatal yoga teacher. “Yoga’s breathing techniques teach one to relax at will and this is useful during pregnancy, and especially labour.”
WHO Magazine

‘Relax, recharge, retreat’. 
A full-page story on Radiance Retreats in Byron Bay which writer, Elisabeth herself attended. It details the whole program, highlights and the retreat process as experienced from a novice.
B Magazine – Australia

‘The Great Escape’ 
‘I was stressed and exhausted, in need of a place to relax and rejuvenate. I dreamt of soaking in a steam bath, of being massaged and soothed, body and soul. And where better to go than the island paradise of Bali? Australian healer Judy Chapman…she and her sister Jessie run Radiance Retreats, based in Byron Bay NSW, organizing inspirational trips combing yoga, meditation and spa pampering…’
New Idea Magazine 

“Partner Yoga for your Body Mind & Soul”.
A review of the book by Jessie Chapman (Harper Collins Publishers Australia_.
B Magazine – Australia

“Say ‘Ohm’ to the Bali Yoga Wellness Retreats”.
A yoga instructor will put you through the paces…includes twice daily yoga, nature walks, spa pampering, healings, cooking class and lots more…in a conducive location suitable for yoga.
Singapore’s Female Magazine 

‘Byron’s Greener Postures’ 
‘…Byron Bay sisters Jessie and Judy Chapman have been running yoga retreats around the world for five years between them and have written seven books on yoga and aromatherapy.
Not only are they the best walking advertisements for their Radiance Retreats (beautiful, glowing with good heath, able to launch into a headstand at a moments notice) they are so passionate about what they do you cannot help but be enthusiastic too…The best thing about their retreats is that they are for all levels of yoga devotees – so if yoga has been on your to do list this is the ideal way to kick-start the new yoga you…’
The Sunday Mail 

‘Going on a Retreat’ 
A three-page story on why to take a retreat with a list of retreats Australia wide and their emphasis including Radiance Retreats.
Nature & Health Magazine

‘Island Treats’
..a great way to discover Bali’s spa is with a team of Australian sisters, Judy and Jessie Chapman, who run Radiance Retreats and their spa trek, a five-day retreat that includes yoga, fitness and spa treatments. One of the spas visited during the retreat is Bagus Jati, which lies high in teh mountains above Ubud. Described as Bali’s first spa retreat, Bagus Jati offers a huge range of Ayurvedic, anti-ageing, health
and beauty and fitness treatments, not to mention a state-of-the-art gymnasium and yoga pavillion nestled in the lush jungle. Other spa destinations in the retreat include The Legian and The Chedi. Each day
starts with a yoga session run by Jessie. This is followed by spa treatments and afternoon cycle or trek through Balinese rice paddies or villages and finishes with a calming evening yoga session. ‘If you think that the week sounds totally self-indulgent, then you’re right’ says Judy ‘This retreat is a total lift, tone, shape and glow all wrapped in one…’
Australian Vogue 

‘How to be a bathing beauty’ 
‘No time to visit a spa for some pampering and pummeling? The next best thing is to practice spa therapies at home – a nice deep bathtub being an essential prop ‘Spa Bathing Blends for your Home’ by Judy Chapman is at attractive little manual for creating a home spa. A neutral bath is perfect for bathing experiences, says Chapman, a yoga and ayurvedic healing devotee who divides her time between Bali and Byron Bay on the NSW north coast…..Chapman and her sister, Jessie, a yoga teacher and massage therapist, also run tours to Bali through their Radiance Retreats company. 
The Weekend Australian 

‘Meet the Spa Sisters’ 
‘Aromatherapist Judy and yoga expert Jessie join forces to organize unique spa retreats….When you’ve a sister who’s a yoga expert, and you’re into aromatherapy, how about joining forces to compete in the fast-growing
world of wellness….Meet the Spa sisters – Judy and Jessie Chapman who’ve developed unique spa retreats in Bali, Daintree (Australia) and Singapore,with other locations in Japan and Hawaii in the pipeline…..The Chapman sisters are giving it a refreshing twist by custom-designing retreats that pool together some of the best hotels and spas a region can offer and marry that with twice daily yoga sessions and cycling through the rice fields in Ubud….’
The Business Times – Singapore 

Singapore Expat
‘Its six in the morning and the ascending, hollow call of the coucal fills the Ayung River valley as the gentle rhythm of Jessie Chapman’s voice instructs us to inhale deeply, to exhale, to get in touch with our breathing, to empty our minds of thought. ‘That is no easy task when you are surrounded by the sounds of Bali’s most sacred river valley. But you find yourself trying as Jessie, has a presence and authority that belies her age. ‘She is, of course, instructing our group of eight in the ancient art of yoga. Today is the first lesson go our five day /four night yoga and spa retreat, a programme put together by Jessie, an experienced yoga teacher an author, and her sister, Judy Chapman, a spa and aromatherapist specialist. Their company, Radiance Retreats matches the rigorous of daily yoga with the pleasures of some of Bali’s most sensuous spa and health treatments. ‘This trip is no boot camp, nor an ascetic ashram experience. We are staying the spectacular five-star Chedi Hotel just north of Ubud. Following two nights here, we will transfer to an equaly luxurious property, The Legian, located on Bali’s southern coast. There we practice early morning yoga to the sounds of the Indian ocean waves rolling on to the beach. Our spa safari exposes us to the many different types of treatments now available on the Island of the Gods: from traditional Balinese massage to Thalasso aqua treatments and an Ayurvedic cleansing wellness treatment.
Singapore Expat Magazine

‘Bali Spa Smorgasbord’
Radiance Retreats is an innovative five day program that combines the rigors of twice-daily yoga sessions with the pampering of exotic spa treatments. The US$1235 Bali retreat features Javanese lulur scrubs, Thalasso seawater therapist, seaweed wraps, Ayurvedic oil treatments and traditional Balinese massages. Included in the price are accommodation (two nights at The Chedi Ubud and two nights at The Legain, twin share basis), three hours of yoga daily, all spa treatments, cycling and trekking in Ubud, return transport to the various spa facilities and all breakfasts…….’
Destinasian Magazine

‘Bali Spa’ 
‘For the Balinese, it’s not about sitting in a tub with a jet stream sensually pummelling your back. It’s not about some vacuous pursuit of beauty for beauty’s sake. It’s about a range of treatments that reflect an understanding of how inner and outer beauty are connected, and how, when we’re relaxed and happy, the bio-chemical rhythms in our bodies actually change. ‘Believe it or not, after five days doing yoga twice daily, eating fresh nutritious food, walking through rice paddies and villages of smiling children, being pampered with essential oils and natural herbs and spices, imbibing the exquisite beauty of the “Island of the Gods,” I was shinning, both from the inside and out.” ‘Best known for its surf beaches, Bali is now the health spa capitol of South-East Asia. Dressed in only a sarong, David Leser took the plunge and found what it’s like being pampered in paradise………Is there people more gentle and beautiful, an environment more lush and sensual, a hospitality more gracious and welcoming…It was day one of a five -day yoga/spa retreat to which I had been invited by Judy and Jessie Chapman, two soulful sisters from Byron Bay on NSW’s North Coast, who’d come up with an enticing idea. Combining an understanding of the physical , emotional and spiritual balance
that yoga brings to life, a keen appreciation of plants, roots, barks, leaves, flowers and fruit as a source of medicine and healing, and a respect for the time-honoured but little understood tradition of spa treatments the Chapman sisters had decided that a yoga/spa retreat in Bali was just what the new millennium was calling for. They knew in the words of Swamiji, the yoga master and humanitarian: “If you want peace in the world you first had to find peace within”. ‘And on a retreat like this, you could actually begin to bring that into your everyday life. By developing a personal yoga practice you could start to discover inner strength, willpwers, balance, co-ordination and a capacity for relaxation you never knew you had. And after you’d spent your morning doing all that, you could then get pampered too.’
The Australian Women’s Weekly

‘The Best Spas of Asia’
‘Radiance Retreats Five-day supreme wellness and fitness spa retreats. SENSATION Super luxurious. There’s a daily spa trek to Bali’s finest and most stunning spas. ‘SPECIALTY Ayurveda ‘Shiro Dhara’ (an anti-ageing treatment whereby warm oil is dripped on to the forehead to smooth out tension around the head and eye area, complemented with an ayurveda body massage), oxygen and hydrotherapy, Indian head and foot massage together with Javanese floral baths and massages galore.’.
The Sydney Morning Herald 

‘Body Work’
Sisters Judy and Jessie Chapman, who have recently published a series of health books with Harper Collins, are organizing Global Yoga Spa Treks, a series of 4 night/5 day retreats all over the world. Their upcoming event will be held at The Legian and The Chedi Spas in Bali. It will include twice-daily yoga sessions, plus Ayurveda, Thalasso, oxygen and massage treatments…’
Hong Kong Magazine 

‘Radiance Retreats”
Get a bunch of your girl pals together and go spa trekking in paradise. The world’s number one spa destination is Bali, with dozens of pampering hideaways to explore from March through to December. Book a retreat and renew your mind, body and spirit. 
Fashion Quarterly

‘Bali with a twist’
‘Radiance Retreats offers four night/five day yoga and spa retreats staying at The Chedi and Legian hotels in Bali. Suitable for yogic beginners as well as the more advanced, the retreat also offers a Spa Trek through treatments such as Vichy shower and the anti-aging Ayurvedic “Shiro Dhara”, and a Casa Luna cooking class. Visit’
Gourmet Traveler 

‘Bali retreat designed to rejuvenate”.
Australian sisters and yoga and aromatherapy practitioners Jessie and Judy Chapman have created Radiance Retreats to allow executives to combine yoga and spa treatments in the comfort of five-star luxury accommodation in Bali.’Jessie, a yoga teacher and author of books on the discipline, takes the twice-daily yoga sessions during the four-night/five day retreats. Jessie says, “The sessions are suitable for the absolute beginner to the more advanced practitioner. We move through a cleansing sequence of twists, salutes, standing, sitting, backward bending and inverted postures to increase circulation and speed up the metabolism.” Judy, author of several aromatherapy books, will give talks on youth rejuvenation and health. The Spa “trek” includes being smeared with nourishing volcanic mud and immersed in seaweed enriched hydrobaths together and detoxifying saltwater massages. Also included are traditional French-style Thalasso spa treatments which promise to improve circulation, reduce excess body weight, stress, cellulite and tension. Guests stay at The Chedi and The Legian and included is 3 hours of yoga a day, daily spa treatments, cycling and trekking, talks on Ayurvedic and all breakfasts. 
Asian Business Weekly Magazine

‘Beating a retreat’
Sisters Judy Chapman (author of beauty-aromatherapy books) and Jessie Chapman (best-selling author of yoga titles) are pooling their expertise to launch a series of yoga/spa retreats in Bali. The four-night/five-day experience, staying at the five-star boutique resorts, The Chedi and The Legian (below), will incorporate twice-daily yoga sessions combined with daily spa rituals from oxygen facials and seaweed wraps to exotic-sounding Javanese Lular and Thalasso treatments.’ 
South China Morning Post 

‘Spa Trek Across Bali’
For serious Spa trekkers and seekers there’s no beating the latest addition to the spa industry ‘Radiance Retreats. Fusing Yoga and Spa, these retreats are held throughout the year and offer daily yoga and fitness combined with an abundance of youth enhancing Spa and Ayurvedic treatments. This is a world class event for those looking for a yoga and fitness holiday with serious pampering’.
Garuda Inflight Magazi