Each Radiance Retreat is based upon the foundation of morning and afternoon yoga classes along with a range of other healing art practices to relax, restore, energise and inspire.

The morning yoga classes are an inspired blend of full body joint limbering and loosening, pranayama to cultivate relaxed deep full breathing and natural stillness followed by gentle warm up vinyasa yoga sequences, core awareness and working with mindfulness in the many and varied yoga postures to develop strength, flexibility, stability and correct alignment. Jessie’s yoga teaching experience, along with the facilitators, allows everyone to be supported and challenged according to their individual needs and level of practice. Variations of the postures are demonstrated to suit different energy levels and physical conditions with yoga props often used to give support along with an abundance of nourishing yoga adjustments from the Radiance team.

The afternoon Restoration yoga classes combine slow gentle stretching and opening along with Restoration yoga postures to deeply relax the body, to overcome exhaustion and fatigue and to restore energy levels. Jessie loves to share the many and varied Restorative postures and practices and their powerful healing benefits. Restoration yoga naturally cultivates an open body, relaxed full breathing, stillness and connection.

Other yoga practices and classes throughout the retreat may include pre-lunch Restoration Yoga, Core Strength, Guided Sitting in Stillness, Slow Mindful Walking, evening Yoga Nidra, Sound Healing and Chanting.

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